Deans has created a line of handcrafted, made-to-order country furniture just for you. We use natural, unfinished pine and square nails for sturdy construction. When finished, you will own a truly unique piece that allows the beauty of the wood to come through. Select from several styles of handcrafted pine accent pieces stained in your choice of country colors. Do you have a favorite color? Let us know the manufacturer and color and we will custom stain your furniture for you. 518-384-3266

Below youll find a list of some of the made-to-order country furniture in our collection. Click on any of the hotlinks for a photo and detailed information about each piece. When you place your order with us by phone, please allow 6-8 weeks time for our craftsmen to make your custom piece. Also, we ask for a minimum 50 percent deposit on all items. All sales are final.

Please visit our page on Purchase Information for shipping and payment options.

In-stock country colors to chose from: Buttermilk, Hunter Green, Sunflower, Barn Red and Colonial Blue, Black, and many others.

All country cupboards are handmade, square nailed with strong construction.


Click on a picture a to see and enlarge view with description.

MVC-008S.JPG (36880 bytes)




Jelly  Cupboard                                    

Single-door Jelly Cupboard

23.5W x 13.5D x 54H

$175 as shown


MVC-020S.JPG (38929 bytes)

Open top Two-door Jelly Cupboard

33.5W x 13.5D x 53H

$200 as shown

MVC-011S.JPG (37532 bytes)  

Narrow Pantry (full door)

Narrow Pantry with full door

19.25W x 14.5D x 73H

$195 as shown



MVC-021S.JPG (37989 bytes)

Open Shelf Step Back

39.5W x 14D x 74.5H

$325 as shown

Harvest Table 

Lengths vary

Prices vary

choice of stain for tops

choice of color for leg

(Shown 4 board wide 7 foot, small leg)



MVC-022S.JPG (37221 bytes)

Bookcases in all sizes

Shown: 32.5W x 13.5D x 72.2H

$295 as shown

MVC-010S.JPG (36716 bytes)

Narrow Pantry (half door)

19.25W x 14.5D x 73H

$185 as shown


MVC-023S.JPG (38789 bytes)

Half Pantry

21.5W x 13.5D x 49H

$165 as shown

MVC-014S.JPG (38386 bytes)

Two-door Cupboard with center display area

46.5W x 13D x 49H

 $295 as shown  



2032.jpg (47377 bytes)  Green Folk Art Hutch
MVC-017S.JPG (37536 bytes)

Deep Step Back with Full Doors

31.5W x 18D x 75H

$375 as shown





MVC-018S.JPG (36517 bytes)

Deep Step Back with Half Doors

31.5W x 18D x 75H

$375 as shown



MVC-024S.JPG (36949 bytes)

Bookcase in natural finish

shown: 37W x 13.5D x 73H



MVC-019S.JPG (38027 bytes)

Small cupboard with half doors

Makes a create microwave or television stand with room for VCR

30W x 16.5D x 31H

$175 as shown


MVC-013S.JPG (38293 bytes)

Wood box with hinged lid

34W x 18.5D x 30H

$175 as shown